Deepliner, Captain and Fishing Guide
Masayashi Higashimura

“I want to reach a lot more people.”
Charting a course for lure fishing in Kochi, he exhibits a never-ending wealth of ideas and vision, from pioneering new methods and targets to the protection of ocean resources. He accomplishes all this while working as the captain of the sport fishing boat, Deepliner.
Deepliner Professional
Yasuo Nishimoto

“This field is new, new discoveries, happen all the time. That’s fun for me.”
While based on Shizuoka, his scope of adventure is Japan wide. Without a doubt, he has been one of the best performers in the super deep jigging field. He devotes himself to pioneering new fields and targets. Currently, he is focusing deep sea jigging, but also advancing the “Power- Slow-Game”, aiming for the migratory fish. These include giant tuna which no longer respond to slow-pitch and only respond to bait.
Professional Angler
Akari Fukuda

“I like to keep sharing the joy of fishing, a lot.”
Based on Ibaragi, she is playing a very active role in various forms of media, including TV, newspapers and magazines. But, she says, ”My most favorite thing is to catch the biggies”.  She enjoys the challenges of all sorts of fishing around Japan. A broad-minded angler, she does not limit her choice of targets or methods. Her blog “HANAMOKU” has earned a top-class rating within the fishing industry, not only domestically, but around the world, as well. She constantly challenges herself to find new species of fish.
Official blog ”HYAKUMOKU”  //
Game player
Kazuya Uchida

“Go fishing a lot, and enjoy your life”.
Based in Osaka, he has completed an astonishing number of expeditions, He’s always an active and jovial guy. After accumulating great experience, he has shifted his focus to mainly ‘just for a fun’ jigging. We have to note that he has plenty of experience fighting with mega size prey. He is the experienced ‘go-to guy’ that everybody depends on in that ‘middle of nowhere’ expedition. That matters a lot.
Game player
Yo Kido

“I like to show everyone how to play and enjoy Japan.”
Based on Okayama, he challenges himself to hunt for the Big fish. He has hooked some fascinating giants while jigging. Currently, he is bustling about, promoting the joy of fishing in Japan to the world.
Game player
Shigehito Kikuma

“Because I want everyone to catch fish.”
Based on Shizuoka, his playing field is Japan wide. He energetically supports a great number of jigging fans by organizing expeditions and producing seminars. His talents are greatly appreciated by many jigging fans, from beginner to expert alike.
Game player
Kiyoyuki Murase

“Look outside the box, no constrains, extract new ideas.”
Based on Aichi. Currently exploring the possibility of Spinning-tackle in Slow-pitch jerking. He is also the representative of the “Justice Anglers Products” which produces “Assist Holder”.
Game player
Michio Sakai

“I am always a satisfied guest at sea with my jigging.”
Based on Kagawa. Unparalleled marine sport fan. Among all, jigging has a special place in his heart. The great varieties of trophy fish that he catches demonstrates the accuracy of his work in Line-system or tackle settings and more.
Game player
Akihiro Okura

“Fundamentally, I am a monster lover.”
Based on Hyogo. Not only a fan of offshore jigging, he is also a monster enthusiast, including large mouth bass over 60cm or giant red mullet to name a few. He makes appearances at various spots. His nick name is “Daikichi” which translates to “A great luck”.
Game player
Hiroshi Shimada

“Jigging is fun”!
Based on Aichi.  His favorite target is amberjack. In recent years, he has produced titanium custom handles for jigging reels under the name of “Workshop Shimada”.
Game player
Satoshi Kina

“I can show you very special ways to enjoy Okinawa.”
He is an all-round outdoorsman. He is also a certified instructor for camping and is pioneering the development of jigging on Okinawa.
Game player
Kenji Maruyama

“Still lots more to study.”
Based on Hyogo. A diligent and hardworking guy, he has a passion to search for tasty foods. It must come from the nature of his work.  Recently his fish journal, which included a technical report of scabbard fish strategy guidelines, as well as other fishing articles, has been getting a lot of attention.
Game player
Haruki Shimoyamada

“I want to treasure meeting people forever.”
Based in Chiba and also active the Kanto and Tokai regions. He keeps his body active with soccer, climbing and diving. But he admits to himself that his heart is with jigging. He always shows us his “work hard and never give up” positive attitude.
Game player
Eisuke Shimazaki

“Let’s enjoy fishing easily while chatting merrily.”
Based on Fukushima and Eastern Japan. A natural party lover. He wishes to tell of the joy and ease of Slow-pitch jerking to a lot of people. When its’ time to plan an event, like a jigging tournament, he can be counted on as a most reliable person.
Game player
Junki Tanaka

“I want to work much, much harder, so I can be ready to challenge even bigger fish.”
Based in Hiroshima and also active in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. A diligent and hard worker that sets daily goals for his fishing trips and challenges his jigging skills with a determined and sincere attitude. He never neglects to load up his fishing report on his blog. He hopes to catch an over-30kg amberjack some day and for this he works hard every day.
Fishing guide
Kazumi Yamashita

“I will drill you in my fishing skill techniques at my Dojo fishing school in Amami in a joyful environment.”
Based on Amami-oshima island in Kagoshima. She provides a fishing guide service from Amami coastal waters to the Tokara archipelago. She has earned a great number of fans, beginner and expert alike, for her wholesale willingness to support anglers in achieving a successful catch at all costs. She is always finding success in top waters catching fish from GT to amberjack and long tooth grouper with jigging.
Ukky fishing dojo.  //
Fishing guide
Kai Motohashi

“I wish I had a special scope to look into my sea.”
Based on Shizuoka He has an innate ability to thoroughly master new tackle effortlessly. At last, he has debuted as a captain of the sport boat “Kaikokumaru” at Yaizu in 2015.