This model is very good for jigging in relatively weak currents and cross currents.
Excellent model for deep and rapid currents, emphasizing the jump when jerking.
Rhythmical action and great in cross currents.
Future generation jig. Exclusively made to induce bites when falling.
This is the model to use in Slow-pitch, Long fall, oriented on Short-pitch, depending on the situation.
The main theme is ‘Exploration’. It will act as a feeler in order to effectively guide the Step-Jerking technique.
This High-Pitch type model can simply convert to natural swim by using power efficiently.
Successful fishing with ease. No miscalculations. No disappointments. No guarantees. You control your sea destiny today with Spy.
Completely different, another Spy.
Great for the targets with swim power by lighter jerking.
Every moment presents a bite opportunity.
Simplicity is an answer when you analyze the results.


Logical 55
When the prey are reluctant to bites, it will answer your call to entice the target by allowing natural and delicate control.
Logical 60
It is easy to use, a balanced basic model for various occasions of off shore jigging.
Logical 70
This is the model that can expand the scope of your approach with more dynamic jerking, long fall, step-jerk etc.
Mania Fellows
“Simpler and easier”, even for heavy weight gamefish. A collection to suit various situations and rhythms, from sharp high-pitch jerking to slow-pitch ultra-heavy weight. It is a big advantage when the angler has enough rod power when you using a heavy weight jig, regardless of the size of the target, unexpected currents and greater depths. “Simpler and Easier” our theme never changes, even about heavy weights.


A new proposition from Deepliner.
Color: Blue (Made in IMABARI/Japan)
2 Colors
(Dark Gray, Dark Green + Mirrored lens)
Colored, Mirrored
Neoprene Rod Covers
Rod Covers: cover for bring the rods with reels.
Traveler’s Rod Case
Just size for the air plane.
W.P. Bag
Water proof Bag.
Sun Visors
3 colors, with distressed effect
T Shirts
4 colors: Navy, Yellow, Black, White
Polo Shirts
4 colors: Navy, Gray, Black, White
Long sleeves T Shirts
2 colors: Navy, White
Navy with distressed effect